Linguistic Stays for Adults in Biarritz or Bordeaux

In Biarritz for adults traveling solo or with a companion,  parents + child teams also get to enjoy their own version of a linguistic stay:

PB-manif-020_dThe ADULT program is offered at BMA from May until August,  for age 18 and up, with a separate 18-25yr old student group when enrollment permits. Adults can opt for small group French classes with various levels of intensity ( 12 to 24 hours per week)  with a general approach, a thematic approach, an intense academic approach such as preparing for the DALF or alternatively attend a business oriented language  course. Adult students can combine their classes with a choice of cultural or sport activities in the afternoon. Private lessons are also an option.

The school offers several leisure flavours to choose from, all to be enjoyed in French, catering to a range of hobbies and showcasing the various strengths of the region: life by the sea ( boat outing  to San Sebastian along the Basque coast, ocean fishing, visits of maritime museums), surfing ( training classes & equipment or even an option to travel to the best spots along the coast line between Basque country and Landes), golfing ( classes at the Ilbarritz International training center right by the ocean),  or a balanced mix of cultural and outdoor activities. Programs require a minimum of 4 registrants at a given time and as a result specific arrival dates will be requested to have all participants following the progressive curriculum ( course load will be lighter 12 or 16 hour a week in this case).
When travelling with a teen enrolled in a BMA program in the Summer, the parent might attend adult-specific classes and joins in PM outings with an adult peer group while the teen is engaging with his/her own age specific peer group in classes and PM activities.

Accommodation  can be in host families ( the best scenario for a more intense linguistic immersion and also the most cost effective one!), B&Bs or vacation rentals.

A few COSTS for 2015:

  • 12 hours of French classes a week : 280 euros
  • 16 hours   ”                             ”                : 320 euros
  • 20 hours   ”                             ”                : 360 euros
  • Surfing classes                                        : 180  euros
  • Stay with host family                           : 230 euros ( half board only)
  • Leisure content  : to be finalized once dates, # of participants & final content are in place

Please contact Evelyne for further details.

In Bordeaux, for adults or for adults+ child(ren): A-la-carte highly personalized programs in the home of your  French teachers

I have qualified two experienced FLE teachers in majestic and culturally rich Bordeaux who have designed a wonderful and unique around-the-clock French immersion experience for mature and motivated students (families can sign up too!) .   Indeed,  for one week, guests  are hosted by their teachers at their centrally located apartment in the oldest part of Bordeaux, share meals with them, are tutored by them and go on guided outings in both the city and the Bordeaux region ( think Médoc, St Emilion, Arcachon and Dune du Pyla). All in French bien sûr. Intense but truly French! Call me to find out more.