The EA Story

Coming home to Southwest France, in the Basque country, with EvelyneEA Story

French expatriate in Canada, I am like many in my situation – in love with two lands. Over the years, I have often returned to the region where I grew up, many times with English-speaking friends. I have watched my friends fall in love with the Basque country, in Southwest of France. I have watched their eyes and hearts glow as they experience the France of their imagination: welcoming homes, warm and hospitable people, breathtaking scenery, extraordinary cuisine, vibrant colours and joyful music.

I have dreamed of sharing my passion for the region of my birth with North American travelers. I have dreamed of introducing them to the “other” South of France: the one that Europeans have long favoured over more tourist-overrun parts of the country such as Provence and the Riviera. I have dreamed of providing a travel experience that is in many ways like visiting a well-informed, English-speaking friend who understands your tastes, who knows how to extract the best of a region to suit your interests, who can eliminate logistical challenges and can take you to the places you wouldn′t have found on your own. Something a thorough internet research or travel package will never deliver. After inviting experienced and sophisticated travelers to dream about their ideal vacation to France, I realized that there was a strong interest in the kind of travel experience I dreamed of providing.

This is how Expérience Authentique was born…