Linguistic stays for 14-18 year olds in Biarritz

Linguistic Stay in Biarritz with a home stay: learn French, surf, or just go for a mix of experiences… just immerse yourself in the culture!

  • PB-sport-018Minimum of a 2 week stay, 3 weeks recommended
  • Small group French classes in the AM taught at BMA, Expérience Authentique language school partner. Classes are organized in 6 levels. Students are taught by various teachers each morning to work on different and complementary goals. As an FYI, specialized programs are also offered for DELF & DALF students to complete  A1 to C2 levels.
  • Optional age appropriate activities in French, in the PM:  choose between a mix of cultural outings & sports or  surfing classes. Surfing is the most popular one, for beginner to advanced students, since this is in Biarritz where surfing started in Europe in the 60s. Biarritz is seen as one of the most desired surfing town in the world for its quality of life combined with its surfing credentials.
  • Accommodation options: homestay with a local host for optimal immersion,  or if travelling with parents ( who are non learners of the language),  Expérience Authentique will coordinate the rental of an apartment or villa, or a B&B stay .

Students age 13  are also welcomed in the programs but need to have a parent/guardian staying with them during their stay in France. At specific times of the year, both teenagers & parents can learn  French among their respective peers and reconnect as a family in the afternoon or evening.

Estimated cost per student per week:

370 euros/wk for 12 hours of  French lessons a week (3 lessons per AM, on M/T/Th/F)  + your choice of PM activities
410 euros/wk for 16 hours of French lessons a week (4 lessons per AM on M/T/Th/F) + your choice of PM activities
450 euros/wk for 20 hours of French lessons a week ( intense program, 4 lessons per AM on M/T/W/Th/F) + your choice of PM activities

PM Activities are: 3 cultural or sports oriented activities with 1 out-of-town excursion per week, OR  4 surfing classes
Note the Additional cost for  surfing: 90 euros/wk
Optional homestay: add 260 euros/wk ( full room & board in a host family)

BMA also arranges 4-week to 3-month long stays in French host families during the school year for 14-18 year old students with full immersion into a local french school. Contact Expérience Authentique for full details.