French Immersion

An opportunity to immerse yourself in both the language and  the culture of the place you visit. Three distinct suggestions on the Expérience Authentique menu: Please look for 2015 directions and updates by end of December 2014 or send me an update to be kept proactively in the loop.

  • Linguistic stays in Southwest France for children, teens and adults:  French language programs, within a peer group, are offered combined with optional  cultural and/or sports activities through a partnership with an established language school in Biarritz. Accommodation options: homestay, vacation property rental, B&B.  Programs for Parents with Kids, and for seniors are also available! For 8 to13yr-olds, no classes but a full immersion in a French family to live like a French kid your vacation with a stay-at-home parent around the clock.
  • French Summer camps in Canada: day camps in Toronto and a 1-week trip to Quebec (departing from Toronto), for children schooled in French Immersion or from Francophone schools
  • Family trip to France for families where French content matters:  late June to mid July, families whose children learn in French back home, enjoy the combination of independent travel with group activities within a like minded community of parents and children. Hosting and coordination on-site done by Evelyne Dufau.

 Here is a brochure in English or in French to post at your child`s school should you wish to spread the word; the brochure provides a recap of French Immersion opportunities for Summer 2014:

Brochure in English of French immersion opportunities
Brochure en francais: Opportunites d`immersion