Golfers & Friends

Testimonial video on a golf trip organized for 24 members & friends of Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto.

A good region for golf? Yes, very good … and not just for golfing!

  • Varying levels of difficulty, terrain and ocean side vistas make the region a top year-round destination in continental Europe.
  • Home of the 1st golf course built outside the UK in the late 1800s, and now the region is considered a premium golf destination in Continental Europe  ( refer to this article with a profile of courses in the Basque country)
  • 6 courses to choose from within 15 minutes or 11 courses within an hour’s drive including a renowned international training centre overlooking the ocean.
  • Championship courses designed by well known architects such as Trent Jones; two of them are rated among the top 50 courses on the continent.
  • Uncrowded courses to provide golfers of different skill levels with a relaxing experience.
  • Affordable green fees such as the five round- five course golf pass for 240 euros 10 months of the year.
  • Opportunity to take part in international amateur tournaments in May, September and October on multiple courses
  • Finally and not the least: there is so much you can do after golfing in this region. You and your non-golfing friends will love it…. You can blend your passion for the sport with genuine art of living French Southwest-style.  Make it happen with a villa or apartment as a home base that Expérience Authentique can set up for you and your travel party.  Read What to do , When to go, Where to stay , and other Special Interests to incorporate what works for your group.

NOTE to Golf PROS: call me to discuss the one-of-a-kind program that will work for your club members. Check out for instance this Voyage du Jour suggestion for a group of 24 golfers with their pro and a local host. Alternatively, check out the write up written upon our return for more insight.


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