L’Artiste, Michel Hacala

Michel Hacala working on a sculptureWhy is Expérience Authentique featuring the work of a Basque artist?

I stumbled across Michel Hacala’s work in 2005 while doing research in the Basque country. His large colourful paintings were being exhibited at an historic Basque farm, and they called to me. The subsequent years found me feeling like a private detective on a mission to spot Hacala’s work in the Southwest of France and also in Spain. Indeed his Basque series of paintings, plus his sculptures and mosaics, visually capture the love I feel for my birth region and its unique quality of living that I long for. I feel at home with the people, landscapes, light, and atmosphere found in Michel’s work.

Michel and I eventually met when I tracked him down at his home and workshop in a village nestled at the foothills of the Pyrénées.  Truly, his work captures where French living is at its best.