Special Interests

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Assemble a group of friends or like-minded individuals with a common passion and share  your vision. Through partnerships with locals, Expérience Authentique provides the logistics and the on-site experts to make that small group French experience happen  (Check out this video of testimonials from  Ladies Golf Club of Toronto as an example of a custom and hosted trip for 24 golfers keen to experience their passion and the Southwest France quality of life) .

To Individuals with a passion and Experts in their field:

Golf pros, Cycling Club leaders or trainers,  Heads of French Department or French teachers, Yoga instructors and Studio owners, Food and Wine club directors, Wine agents, Restaurant owners, Snowboard/surfing instructors, Dance school owners, Music ensemble directors etc…
Let your friends or clients live their passion the French Southwest way with start-to-finish assistance by Expérience Authentique.

Lovers of:
Food & Wine
Linguistic Stays
Pyrénées & Coastal hikes
Yoga & Well Being
Surfing & the Great Outdoors
Music , Film & Dance
Art & Antiques

A cocktail of all of the above!
Select your special interest and find out how the Southwest of France and Expérience Authentique can cater to your travel party.