Surfing & the Great Outdoors

Surfing & the Great Outdoors Surfing & the Great Outdoors Surfing & the Great Outdoors

The outdoors in the Basque country offers a fabulous range of opportunities starting with surfing. In Biarritz and along the coast of Les Landes you find yourself in the heart of the surfing capital of Europe. A number of World Cups and high profile international surfing competitions are scheduled during the year to further crystallize the appeal of the region for all levels and ages of boarders and instructors. Recently Biarritz opened an ocean and surfing museum  in 2011 as an extension to its established Sea museum and aquarium.

Gather your friends, experts and novices in surfing or snow boarding ( and people of all ages surf in the Southwest…. a fit body will love it).


  • Step outisde your home with your board under your arm; the surfing club is around the corner if you care for some individual or group instruction.
  • To prepare your body and keep it healthy, Boris, your local & bilingual yoga instructor is sharing with your group his best practices right on the beach. Boris’ specialty is to cross-train athletes through the practice of yoga and he has extensive experience working with surfing champions as well as novices.
  • Indulge in other high adrenaline sports, all within easy access in the region: white-water rafting & kayaking, mountain-biking, cycling a couple of mountain passes, canyoneering, 4X4 outings along smugglers paths into nearby Spain, long distance hiking or running in the Pyrénées, horse riding in the mountains etc.
  • Slow down to sample the good food & wine and other fun low key activities in the region. Read What to do and other Special Interests to incorporate what works for your group

Focus on the fun and the adrenalin rush, and leave it up to Expérience Authentique to make it happen.