Villa & Apartment Rental

You have a home base to live just like the locals. You can head out for day trips or stay “home” and soak up the moment…

During your home selection, we’ll talk in depth about particular pros & cons of towns, villages, villas or apartments, and we’ll address all of your criteria. The goal is to give you the vacation experience that best suits you and showcases the strength of the region. You gain peace of mind from making an informed decision thanks to a trusted adviser who has lived in the region and spends 3 months there every year, who has qualified the homes and knows their + & – in relation to others, and who is intimately familiar with the lifestyle associated to each property. A diligent internet search or e-mail correspondence will never give you that peace of mind. Avoid the common mistake of choosing a house that looks good on photos & fact sheets; instead decide based on its cultural context and the type of lifestyle it will give you.

Is this for us?Villa rental

Yes, if your family or group of friends (as large as 30 guests!) looks forward to vacationing in a fine private home. You possibly want none of the stress attached to the daily logistics of meals, housekeeping, childcare etc… You look forward to experiencing a great region and rich culture, interact with locals without the research and coordination effort required. It is your vacation after all!

Much more than a villa rental company or an internet booking offers

1- I have personally selected a number of villas and apartments with my knowledge as a local and my understanding of the high standards North Americans expect in Europe. Comfort, charm, location and support services are the variables I pay attention to. Check out this slide show for a representative sample of properties and refer to the Selection page for the full listing of apartment and villa rental properties. I can help you weigh the relative strengths and weaknesses of each home in view of your lifestyle wishes and budget criteria.
2- Your local host upon arrival is there to guide you and help in case of a problem.  Your Expérience Authentique ‘carnet de voyage’ (travel log) is packed with suggested day trips, restaurants, current cultural events. You are equipped with maps to easily find your way around.
3- A number of à-la-carte services can be pre-arranged to enhance the quality of your stay as per your interests. My network of local contacts combined with thorough planning work make you experience the region & its people at a more intimate level. No worry on logistics.

Check Expérience Authentique’s villa  and apartment selection .

Planning a long stay in France for a sabbatical or a Winter season? I will secure the appropriate long term rental arrangement.

Why families love to vacation on the Basque coast in Southwest France?

Map to locate the Basque countryFrench families love to vacation year after year in the region for its wide range of activities and amazing geography all within a short driving distance. The cultural agenda is at its richest in the Summer. Large vacation homes welcoming up to 2 or 3 families provide great opportunities for fun memories. Young ones make the most of the natural surroundings ( ocean, mountains, rivers, lush country side) and the cultural festivities. Teenagers cherish their independence and take full advantage of the sport and cultural activities available within walking distance in a safe environment. Parents love the simplicity of the logistics, can relax and soak in the local culture. Check out What to do for children and the youth in the Southwest.

Small groups on vacation

You assemble a group of friends, family members, club members or clients. You share with me your vision for the trip and I will take on the logistical challenge of organizing such a vacation for you ( check out this video of testimonials from  Ladies Golf Club of Toronto as an exemple of a custom trip for 24 guests that included stays in rented high end villas and hotels)

  • Scouting for the right rental accommodation option and the right venue: from very large properties with swimming pool to comfortable apartments in coastal resort towns or country-side. Check out Villa & Apartment Rental for different options based on what your travel party and budget calls for.
  • Designing & coordinating a full  custom program of activities and travel itineraries.
  • Offering specialized programs for guests who wish to indulge a specific hobby: golf, serious cycling,  food & wine, French language learning, surfing, well-being activities, hiking.
  • Scouting for bilingual local hosts with a specific expertise or passion to share with you.
  • Catering and coordinating other local service providers such as home chefs ,  housekeepers, caregivers, chauffeurs, mountain guides, golf pros, musicians, etc…
  • Setting up local transportation for your party.
  • Planning a side-road trip, rich in content & low in kilometers, in the French Southwest , Northern Spain or Paris
  • Responding to any other specific requests you may have.

My intimate knowledge of my region of birth, in addition to my constant research, means that I have an extensive network of qualified local contacts to make it happen. My objective is for you to truly feel and enjoy the place, have the chance to interact with local experts around a shared interest, and do so with effortless logistics.

Read this Voyage du Jour  suggestion to find out what a large reunion can feel like.

Check Special Interest  programs for a range of hobbies to be indulged in  Southwest France.